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Find the Perfect Pet Friendly Hardwood Flooring.

It's a hard task to find the perfect flooring that both suits your family's lifestyle and accommodates your animals, but there are multiple options for you to choose from. The first step is to analyze your current living situation and make a mental note of what your priorities are. Take into consideration that your pets have sharp nails and your flooring choice will not stand-up well to daily wear and tear, but also take into consideration your cleaning responsibilities. Even well maintained pet nails can damage hardwood and pull on your carpet. Carpet in general is the worst choice for all of us pet owners, stains and smells can be a hassle to get rid of, even with the best cleaning products you may not be able to clean-up after your beloved pets. With that being said, you must not sacrifice the visual aspect of your home, but make sure to make a wise choice when it comes to flooring. We will go over some flooring options that you may choose from that will accommodate your home style, your pets and your children.


Things to consider before making your decision 🔎

It's most definitely possible to choose the right floor that accommodates both your pet's lifestyle while still adding style to your home --- you just need to know what to look for. Your decision will need to take the following aspects into consideration:
🐕 Scratch resistance

Pets can do a lot of damage with their nails, so scratch resistance is an important factor to look out for when comparing different floor materials. Our Vinyl Flooring and Laminate Flooring options may be a very good option for your home that's also aesthetically appealing; ask our professionals to provide you with a sample so you can make the right and best decision for your family.

🐈 Comfort and traction

The simply fact that you have set aside your valuable time to read this article tells us that you care and consider your pet part of your family, so you must also take into consideration how comfortable and safe your pet will be walking on your new flooring. Different floor types offer varying level of comfort and traction for your pets.

🐕 Water and stain resistance

If your pet isn’t potty-trained or is more prone to accidents and spills, finding floors that won’t easily ruin or stain will keep them looking pristine for the long haul. Stay away from carpet, all the allergens such as dust, mold and animal dander that can get buried in a carpet can be easily swept away on a hardwood floor. Another aspect to take into consideration is how scratch-resistant your flooring will be as we're all well aware of our pet's sharp nails and the capability of ruining our furniture and floors. Although, if carpet is an absolutely must have then you should consider installing carpet that is specifically designed to resist pet stains and odors, and this leads us to our next topic.

🐈 Upkeep

Choosing floors that will allow you to easily clean up after your loved ones is also a very crucial aspect to consider. Should carpet be a must then the most common carpet for pet owners are made from a nonwhite neutral color that will not expose dirt and stains as easily. You should also consider investing in a robot vacuum that constantly cleans your carpet in order to avoid the build-up of fur. Carpeting can make your room feel cozy, but it can also host allergens, which get exposed into the air whenever someone walks on it. These microscopic irritants such as animal dander, pollen, mold, and dust live in your carpet and can come from inside and/or outside your home. In order to avoid this make sure to vacuum at least once a week, with a vacuum that has a "high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter". These filters trap allergens and it does not allow them to be re-introduced into the air of your home. Also, make sure to purchase a vacuum that is designed to pick up pet hair, and do not to be tricked into purchasing a HEPA-like vacuum. HEPA certified is a must when it comes to owning a home with pets and carpets. In case you do decide to install hardwood flooring then you must simply vacuum with a lesser frequency than carpet and mop once a week to keep your floors fresh and clean.

🐕 Cost

Your floors are a significant part of your home, and it’s important to find an option that will provide a good return on your investment while still meeting the needs of your budget. In case you do consider investing on carpet for your property, make sure to calculate all the additional expenses we covered on the previous topic. Our professionals are available Monday through Friday to provide you with a free quote for your hardwood flooring in Monroe, NC. Take advantage of this opportunity and make an informed decision.

Are you ready to choose the perfect pet-friendly Flooring for your home? 🐈

Upon taking all of the topics mentioned above into consideration and taking advantage of our free estimates offer we believe that you will be more than ready to make an educated decision on which flooring to choose for your new home or your renovation project. Don't be a stranger, give us a call!

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