Residential & Commercial Flooring Installation, Refinish & Repair


Flooring Installation

Are you thinking of adding new floors to your home, but aren’t sure what kind to choose? We can help narrow down your choices to hardwood! Hardwood floors come with many benefits that you and your family can enjoy for many years to come. 


We install site-finished and pre-finished hardwood floors that immediately help you create a classic appearance for your home's interior. To complement their aesthetic quality, hardwood floors also add value to your home in the event you ever decide to sell it. Not to mention, pre-finished floors are ready to be installed; have a better, thicker coating of urethane; and don’t require messy sanding. 


In comparison to pre-finished hardwood, hardwood floors that are finished on site are great for kitchens, come with many more options, require more skill and time from installers, can be repaired more easily, and look warmer and feel gentler underfoot. 


When it comes to pre-finished or site-finished hardwood floors, the pros certainly outweigh the cons! 

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Flooring Refinish & Repair


Give new life to your old or damaged wood floors with hardwood floor refinishing and repair from our contractors. We use a dust-free system that offers maximum results without leaving behind a lot of dust. If your floors are beyond the refinishing stage, we can perform repair work that fixes any damage and leaves your hardwood floors with a flawless appearance.